About Us

Passionate About Your Success

With more than 20 years’ experience in IT and business, Compute-ER knows first-hand that the only constant is change. As your business evolves, so do your people, process and technology needs. Compute-ER partners with you to identify the right solutions to help your business thrive.

Blending a practical perspective with smart and scalable technology, Compute-ER empowers your business with intelligent, secure, and adaptable IT solutions. From IT Services, Cloud Services, Cyber Security and beyond, Compute-ER provides essential solutions to help your business and your people achieve their best results.

Our mission is to help you realize maximum value from your IT systems and platforms by implementing secure, flexible, and scalable technology in a responsive, friendly and collaborative way. Let us help unlock the power of technology in your business.

Your Team

We have a passion for empowering people and fueling businesses through technology. At Compute-ER , we consider ourselves an extension of your team. With more than 70 years combined experience as IT engineers, architects, technology customer care specialists and solutions-builders, Compute-ER has the expertise to support your complete technology ecosystem.

Our Industry Expertise

Our deep knowledge of growth-focused organizations further enables us to build and co-create IT solutions that are scalable and flexible as your business evolves. Extensive background in regulated, compliance-driven and privacy-centric organizations equips Compute-ER with the experience necessary to ensure your technology solutions are secure and efficient.







Supported Platforms

Your business is unique. So are your technology platform needs.

Compute-ER takes a flexible approach to platform selection and implementation. We believe platforms should serve your business goals first and foremost. The team at Compute-ER has experience working across a broad array of platforms, spanning from enterprise-level solutions to smaller scale business models. Because of our diverse and deep experience, we are experts in helping clients hand pick the technology solutions that best align with their business models. Tell us about your current platforms and your desired technical capabilities. Let’s work together to cultivate a technology ecosystem that fully supports your unique goals.