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With more than 70 years’ combined experience in IT, Compute-ER partners with our Denver and Front Range clients on the full spectrum of business technology needs.

IT Services

Let us help you align your people, processes and technology. At Compute-ER, we work with clients to build custom IT solutions, adapt your current IT solutions, and proactively address vulnerabilities and business continuity concerns before they pose real problems for your business.

For medical and healthcare clients, Compute-ER has extensive experience in HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use assessments to help you stay on top of government guidelines without compromising productivity or performance.

Cloud Services

We empower your business and your people through secure and efficient Cloud services. Whether you’re migrating to Cloud services for the first time, or need ongoing support for your existing Cloud services, Compute-ER can help. We listen to your unique needs and help fit your business with the right Cloud tools to increase productivity and security.

Microsoft Office 365 users can rely upon Compute-ER to help support your collaboration, accountability and security priorities. We can also combine tools like Microsoft Office 365 with your existing solutions. Let us help hone the tools your organization needs to excel.

Cyber Security

We believe that careful planning can help guard your business against cyber threats that hamper your success. Protecting sensitive data is a critical component of business integrity, and damage or loss of data can cripple a company’s operations. With deep expertise in regulated industries, Compute-ER knows how to build a secure, protected technology platform for your business. We offer network security protection, anti-virus system implementations, email and spam filtering and more to help safeguard your business. Compute-ER works side by side with you to implement the protocols and systems that keep your data and client information safe.

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